3 Games with Awesome Graphics in 2018 - 3 Games with Awesome Graphics in 2018

3 Games with Awesome Graphics in 2018

With the latest technology of our times, it’s obvious to see the capacity of the modern consoles such as the XBOX one and PlayStation 4 in graphics.

The graphic engines for these models are outstanding and perform great with the new releases from the big AAA companies.

Resolution and frame rates are important aspects to see in these consoles, since they have been upgraded from their past versions and you can see this reflected in their major titles, as well in the indie games that are currently being played in PC and home consoles.

But if you truly want to analyze the best of these qualities and see for yourself the advances in graphics of these past years, it’s time for us to present you the best games of 2018 with the best graphics.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 2 - 3 Games with Awesome Graphics in 2018

Since the first title of the saga Far Cry, possessed the best graphics of their time, it is no surprise for anyone that the sequels make a big improvement, but Far Cry 5 raises the prediction of gamers by having the smoothest graphics of the entire saga.

As well, this game is about an open world environment where you can interact almost at any time. With that being said rendering these huge assets and maps can be a headache for many, not including the drop of frames for your console.

Luckily in Far cry 5, we don’t suffer from this, and we always see a great map with beautiful graphics.

Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI 2 - 3 Games with Awesome Graphics in 2018

If you aren’t familiar with the Soul Calibur saga, it’s a fighting game that has been popular since the first release saw the light back in the early 00s.

But Soul Calibur VI had really good progress at the fighting genre since it has the most gorgeous animations that run great, especially on PC.

Not to mention the breathtaking environments that truly shine on themselves, making the whole game look more appealing to younger gamers that appreciate the great graphics and good animations that these types of titles have to offer.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus 2 - 3 Games with Awesome Graphics in 2018

Another major title that runs incredibly well on PC is the new Metro game. Metro Exodus presents us the elements that we know from the previous titles of the saga, such as a post-apocalyptic environment and challenging monsters that tries to devour us.

But the graphical capacity that is shown in this game is amazing, especially in the little effects such as the particles, you can detail the little particles of dust or the snowy effect of the environment really well, making it a great feature for this game.

We’ve seen a lot of great games this year that truly take the graphical engine of the consoles to the maximum.

As well, it raises the competition of which one can be the best of all times, but in each title that gets released, we can appreciate the changes as well the little details that make the whole experience better.