4 Games Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork - 4 Games' Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork

4 Games’ Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork

It is hard to think what draws us so much to the artwork of these covers, but something is true, their magnificent art and design are representations of the game they are portraying.

With that being said, it is time for us to take a closer look at the incredible artwork and see for ourselves how they are making history since they are some of the best art pieces around for video games.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 2 - 4 Games' Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork

The Fallout saga, has been one of the most famous RPGs of modern times, with a creative look in their content, map, characters, and story in each game, it’s obvious that the cover art for these titles has to be something incredibly eye-catching.

The cover for Fallout 3 shows us our protagonist standing in the middle while using the power armor. His pose makes the game look depressing and rough, just the type of game that Fallout 3 is and the armor itself is marvelous.

Sim City 2000

Sim City 2000 2 - 4 Games' Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork

If you know the main objective of the Sim City games, you’ll probably know what this cover is about. For those who don’t know, Sim City put us as the mayor of a prominent city, where we have to create and maintain our metropolis in a perfect condition, and the cover of this one, in particular, presents us a colorful and advanced city with a spaceship at the front.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Elder Scrolls Oblivion 2 - 4 Games' Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork

Another great saga of video games that has a long time running around is The Elder Scrolls, best known by its Viking-ish style of gameplay, and placing us in the middle ages.

The cover of Oblivion, while it isn’t flashy or contains any revelation of the game, is incredibly well-made for the title that holds.

Because in it, we see a sign with a paper that looks like an old text, with the symbol of Oblivion, the main subject of the game, giving us the first presentation and what the narrative is going to be about.

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark 2 - 4 Games' Covers with Amazingly Good Artwork

If you are familiar with horror games, you’ll surely know something about Alone in the Dark. These horror games are peculiar in a way and it’s probably something about their design.

The artwork for Alone in the Dark is rather scary and unsettling because it almost feels like a painting coming alive, it reminds a bit of the cover of the movie “The Exorcist”.

In the cover of this game, we see our main character at the front gate of the obscure mansion that he has to explore and see all the mysteries behind it to finally get out of it.

There are no doubts that great artwork and good gameplay can make the perfect game, and these covers are the evidence of that. With brilliant mechanics, good controls and incredible artwork, they are the perfect mix for a great pick.

We hope you enjoyed our countdown of the most captivating game covers. If you had to choose any artwork that stands out in the world of gaming, which would it be? Let us know in the comment section below.